First Moon – 6th Night Retreat

shelf I decided to do my 6th Night retreat day on Sunday – a day after most people did theirs.  I wanted to dedicate a full day to it unlike the week before where everything felt rushed and half-assed.  I removed the usual distractions from my life and focused on my spiritual studies.  It was difficult at times but I’m proud of myself for doing it.

One big thing I did, with the help of my husband, was set up my new bookshelf.  It’s nothing fancy – just a flatbox shelf – but I desperately needed new space for my growing collection of occult books.  It’s also a nice place to store potions such as the triple water mixture I made and the salve I ordered from Sarah Lawless.  I also made room for an ancestor shrine.  I do have photos and a candle sconce on the wall for that purpose, but I needed a place to put food offerings at certain times.  I also wanted to put the ancestor doll I made to good use!

I’m enjoying the spiritual activities.  I’m especially fond of the morning charm and the Breath, Blood, and Bone meditation.  The latter is very, very calming!  I found myself doing it today under stress at work!

I’m not sure what to do this weekend because of the Spring Equinox at Muin Mound.  Should I call that my retreat day or should I do it on Sunday?  My worries are that Druidism will eat up an entire weekend and, while that’s not a bad thing (I live and breathe it after all), my non-Pagan husband does want to spend some time relaxing with me over a movie or game.  Thoughts?







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3 thoughts on “First Moon – 6th Night Retreat

  1. I performed mine on Monday due to my schedule. I will say that later months will make it more difficult to spread the retreat over several days. Also I think that it detracts from the purpose of the 9 Moons. Think of this as magical bootcamp. You may never work this intensely again, but you will be forever changed by it.

    1. Thanks Klaus. That helps me a lot, actually. I need to stay focused! My husband understands how important my religion is to me so, if I dedicate Sunday to my studies, I know he’ll be supportive. 🙂

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