An Excerpt from Celtic Wonder-Tales by Ella Young

“I want to go back to Ireland.”

“You will not find joyousness there, O Lugh, or the music of harp strings, or feasting.  The De Danaans are shorn of their strength.  Ogma, their Champion, carries logs to warm Fomorian hearths; Angus wanders like an outcast; and Nuada, the King, has but one dun, where those who had once the lordship of the world meet in secret like hunted folk.”

“I have a good sword,” said Lugh.  “I will go to my kinsfolk.”

“Oh Lugh,” said Mananaun, “they have never known you.  Will you leave me, and Niav, and this land where sorrow has never touched you, for the sake of stranger kinsfolk?”

Lugh answered:

“I remember the hills and the woods and the rivers of Ireland, and though all my kinsfolk were gone from it and the sea covered everything but the tops of the mountains, I would go back.”

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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