A New Adventure

In my last post – one that I thought about for awhile before posting – I credited the work of Brian Jacques for inspiring me to go on adventures in the real world.  Reflecting on his influence once more inspired me to go on an adventure.  So…. Weretoad and I are going to Dublin tomorrow!

Yes, it’s somewhat spontaneous, but I’m so excited.  I’m finally going back to Europe for another adventure!  We will only be there for a few days but it will be enough for now.  We’re planning to visit the archaeology museum, the Old Jameson Distillery (mmm…  whiskey…), Newgrange, and the Hill of Tara for sure.  There are a few other places I would like to check out if we have the time – mostly art around the city.  Between my Eyewitness Travel book and A Pagan’s Guide to Dublin, we have a *lot* of options.  Surely this will only be a first taste and we’ll want to return in the future.

I’m a bit sad that we won’t have time to make it to Kildare, but ever since I started to study Druidism, I’ve wanted to see Tara and Newgrange.  That will take up almost an entire day and a bit of change.  I also think Weretoad will be more interested in Newgrange and the Viking treasures in the archaeology museum than an old cathedral.  It’s his trip too!  Kildare will be a priority for me next time.  I also must remember that Brighid was beloved all over Ireland.  So, while she does have a sacred center, her power is greater than that.  She is up there with St. Patrick as one of the most beloved spiritual influences in all of Ireland.  She is the chief of bards and poets.  Since Weretoad and I plan to visit a pub or two for traditional music and storytelling, I’m sure we’ll feel her magic more than once.

So off we go on an adventure/pilgrimage to the green isle some of our ancestors left generations ago!  I have felt the pull in my blood for some time.

May Lugh, he who protects travelers, be with us on our journey!

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