Valentine’s Day?

So it’s Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Pagan blogs recently about the holiday’s Pagan roots, how we can/should repurpose it, information on love/sex spells, and how to celebrate it as a day honoring all love.  That’s all well and good, and I’m happy for anyone who is celebrating today.  It’s always good for people to have fun – but only if the day really means something to them.

Which brings me to Weretoad and myself.  We just don’t celebrate.  It’s not that we don’t find love important, but we try to love each other every day.  February 14th doesn’t seem any different to us.  We don’t have a Roman hearth culture so the Pagan roots do little for me other than stimulate my brain.  It’s just one of those holidays that everyone around us celebrates and we take a break.  I’m part of a spiritual community that emphasizes the magical importance of intention and will.  Without those things, a spell won’t necessarily work.  Same thing with holidays.  My husband and I just don’t care and so why bother?  Why feel obligated?

Our anniversary is a whole different story.  Now that is a day we get really excited about.  That is a day we feel good about spending money.  Also, there’s Beltaine.  I view Beltaine as a Druidic Valentine’s Day.  It’s all about sex and new life…  The energy about that day is so much more exciting to me!  When the snow is melted and the forest is waking up, that’s when I’m feeling amorous!  That’s when I want to go out and make love in the woods!

Right now?  I’m tired.  I don’t particularly feel good.  I’m still recovering from several winter holidays  – physically and financially.  If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, may you have a meaningful day full of love.  Me?  I’m relaxing with my husband.  If we celebrate Valentine’s Day at all, it’s simply by being together.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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