Say goodbye to vegan junk food. « Vegan Hope

This is an excellent blog entry about healthy veg*anism vs the unhealthy sort.  Nobody’s perfect and I would say I’m closer the the healthy variety than I was a few years ago.  I do eat processed fake meats every once and awhile, but I tend to use healthier ingredients in the kitchen.  I do like vegetarian and vegan sweets once and awhile, but I tend to limit my consumption of desserts to special occasions.

I guess I particularly liked this because a lot of omnivores like to criticize veg*ans for eating unhealthy foods.  That’s all well and good, but it means more when it comes from within the community.

I don’t ever see myself on a raw diet or anything like that.  I will continue to treat myself from time to time.  All the same, no matter what your diet, it’s important to make an effort to eat better for yourself, the environment, your community, your family, and your personal spiritual outlook.


Say goodbye to vegan junk food. « Vegan Hope.

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