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The story about discrimination within the Cree Indian Nation posted on “The Wild Hunt” today is interesting to me.  My main spiritual focus is Druidic of course.  It is what I feel called to and I believe a large part of that is due to my predominantly northern European, namely Celtic, heritage.  I do, however, have a very small bit of Cree in my blood.  It comes from my mother’s side.  French settlers moved to Canada, found themselves Cree wives, yada yada yada…

I’ve always had an interest in Cree culture, but of a distant nature.  I don’t want this to sound racist at all…  If it seems that way, please know that it wasn’t my intention.  You see, my Native American heritage is so small compared to my European ancestry that I feel like I couldn’t approach Cree culture even if I wanted to.  The Pagan community is full of “plastic shamans” and “white Indians.”  Tribes must be approached all the time by “wannabes.”  I don’t want to be that Pagan.  And, quite honestly, while I find various Native cultures to be inspiring and beautiful, I am not called to that spiritual path.

Reading about the religious conflict within one ancestral community of mine, however distant, further deters me from even trying.  Obviously there is a desire to move towards monotheism within some of the Cree.  I will have to research this more and keep track of the developments…


The Wild Hunt » Natives Against Native Religion.

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