What Candles are Least Offensive to the Earth Mother?

Grist had an excellent entry all about sustainable candles today.  The Pagan community loves candles and must go through thousands each year.  Imbolc, also known as Candlemass in England, is a good time to reflect on our candle usage.  Have you ever thought about the impact your candles have?

Ask Umbra on avoiding candles connected to carcinogens and deforestation | Grist.

I’ve mostly been using beeswax candles for the past few months and they work quite well.  They were locally made too!  For those of you worried about the expense of organic soy candles, beeswax candles are relatively cheap.  Local farmers sell votives for a dollar each.  Sure, you could buy several votives for a dollar in some stores but when you consider the health/environmental costs… why would you?  Switching to organic soy or beeswax is better for the Earth Mother and thus, in my opinion, a better offering to the Kindreds.  It’s any easy way to green your lifestyle!

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