What have I been up to?

Imbolc is fast approaching and I’ve been getting ready!  I’m nearly done with this holiday’s artisan trading card and should have it in the mail by the end of the week.  In the meantime, here’s the offering I’ve made for Brighid.  It’s a sachet stuffed with wool and various dried herbs from my garden.  The Brighid cross isn’t as centered as I would have liked, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever embroidered which is saying something.

I also made some representations of the High Days for a wreath I’ll be making at the grove.  The only charm missing is Imbolc’s.  I want to make a small Brighid cross.  I’m unable to attend the business meeting and crafting session because of class so I hope that there’s either enough wheat left for me to make one or that someone can do it for me.  Anyway, at the top is a skull for the ancestors of Samhain.  Going around sunwise, next is some holy for the Winter Solstice.  After the blank spot for Imbolc comes a bird nest for the Spring Equinox followed by a blossom for Beltaine.  Next is a bright sun for the Summer Solstice, a spear for Lughnasadh, and an apple for the Autumn Equinox.

Next is a pouch another Pagan’s work inspired me to make.  I could always use more pouches for ritual equipment.  I need to add a strap to this and will probably use it with my ritual garb.

I’ve been wanting to make a stereotypical witch for awhile now.  Well… not Oz stereotypical, but a witch with black robes and a pointy hat.  She’s a child witch, much as I would have liked to dress when I was young and playing at witchcraft (more fun than playing house).  She’s very small but I’m pleased with her.  I did not use a pattern to make her.

I finally found a use for one of my crow beads!  Yay!


Finally, I’ve been busy in the kitchen again!   Another culinary success!  These bagels are vegan, too!

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