Video of Gerald Gardner

Not really Druidic, but interesting all the same. The blog “Pantheon” is doing a series on the history of Wicca and they included this video.  It’s actually a sampling of various interviews.  Gardner’s is the first. While Wicca does not really inspire me anymore, I’m still interested in its history and role in modern Paganism as a whole.  As I watched the video, I realized that I had never heard Gardner’s voice before.  It was interesting.  I still think he’s a creepy old man.  That has nothing to do with dancing naked under the moon.  While I’ve not done that, I have been nude at Pagan events and in the forest. It’s not the nude thing…  Something about his naughty little laugh.  It’s made the rituals I’ve read about in his Book of Shadows all the more vivid and, well, naughty seeming!


EDIT: I don’t know why the video is not showing up on the blog.  I’ve tried several times.  Click the above link and you’ll be able to watch the short video.


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