Keeping the Flame

I’m keeping Brighid’s flame tonight. I did not attempt trancing. Instead I decided do some cleaning and crafting. I keep a small altar dedicated to Brighid over my stove and it was looking a bit frightful. Tonight seemed perfect for cleaning it in her name. I even cleaned the walls. In addition to the candle, I light a lot of incense around there. Whenever I’m having guests, doing serious cleaning, or being crafty I make offerings which can leave soot and ash. I think I’m going to make cleaning the hearth on flame keeping nights a tradition. I really should do it more often. The kitchen was traditionally the center of the home and should be treated with reverence, especially if you are dedicated to a hearth deity. Not to mention the sanitary benefits of such a “mundane” ritual!

Cleaning in such a ritualized fashion reminded me that I want to make some magically charged, natural cleaning solutions. Perhaps that will be my goal for the coming new moon. What better time to create a concoction meant to decrease the physical and spiritual dust that builds up? I will have to research some traditional recipes for ideas.

Along with the above, I’ve been working on a little doll. I think she’s turning into a wee witch which I quite like. She’s a very dainty little witch. A child witch. I used to like playing witch when I was little. It drove my father crazy…

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