“Victorian Farm” – One Amazing Reality Show

A fellow Pagan posted a link to this show a few weeks ago.  Having an interest in history and raising my own food, I naturally looked into it.  “Victorian Farm” turned out to be one of the most interesting television shows I’ve ever seen.  You can watch the entire season on youtube.

“Victorian Farm” is unlike usual reality shows in that there are no contestants.  The focus is on three people who seek increased knowledge on a topic they are genuinely interested in rather than cash or notoriety.  The two gentlemen are archeologists and the woman is a historian.  Together, they take up residence on an actual Victorian farm full of antique tools and books.  They live the lifestyle to learn more about the daily routine of actual, everyday people from that period.  My husband and I learned a lot about manual farm equipment, basket weaving, traditional canning methods, raising livestock, growing grain, health remedies, and various harvest traditions.  At the end of the show, Professor Ronald Hutton joins the crew to discuss wheat harvest customs.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in farming, homesteading, sustainability, eating local, English history, kitchen or hearth witchcraft, and folk customs.

Now I’ve discovered “Edwardian Farms.”  My husband and I are so excited to see and learn more!

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