On Productivity While Ill

I’ve been feeling under the weather for a few days now.  I hate when that happens.  Everything goes on hold.  Trance is difficult because I can’t breathe properly and thus I get out of practice.  Devotionals are shorter.  I want to do some exercise – yoga, pilates, belly dance, something – but my body is so not into it.  Normally it wouldn’t bother me.  Our bodies need to rest during such periods and I should not be guilty feeling.  Slightly annoyed, sure, but not guilty.  This time, I’m feeling ill right after the New Year.  I have goals and ambitions!  I need to work on things and here I am coughing and sniffling.

I’m trying to be positive.  After all, this is just one of those hurdles I talked about yesterday.  There are lessons in this.  I can use this time to really develop my tea and neti pot rituals.  I could crochet or sew something quietly…

Oh, another positive!  I sat in bed this morning and finished Tolkien’s The Two Towers finally.  I don’t have the third book yet, so I suppose I can spend more time reading about fly agaric and Celtic reconstructionism…  Ok.  Yes.  I’m being productive and that is good.

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  1. Thanks!

    I read The Hobbit a long time ago and really liked it. When I attempted to read Fellowship, I had a difficult time. Now that I’m a bit older, I had an easier time of it. I know many people dislike his incredibly descriptive language and tendency to describe everything’s background, but I’m more used to that after having read so many ancient epics. 😉 Maybe you can try it again one day!

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