A Productive Evening

I was feeling really tired after work.  I did some trance exercises but I felt like I was going to fall asleep sitting up.

Clearly, I did not need physical stillness tonight.   I wanted to work on some of my Druidic obligations, but I needed to be a bit more active.

I did a small amount of IP work.  Next, I did a major edit of the Muin Mound Grove website.  I organized the menu so that it wasn’t as cluttered with information.  In my opinion, it’s less intimidating to a newcomer now.  I may tweak with the order of the links…  I have more ideas, such as a grove artist page, more updated photos, and perhaps revitalize the newsletters.  We’ll see.  I’m quite proud of myself!

I also added an Imbolc listing to Witchvox.  It’s kind of pathetic…  Just about every listed event is in NYC.  I *know* there’s more going on out there.  There has to be!  I understand that many groups want to remain private…  but in my own area there are monthly drum circles, a CUUPs group, free yoga classes, and the occasional paranormal meetup.  In Utica, there was a monthly drumming group.  There are always things in Syracuse and yet Muin Mound is the only one listing?  Why are so few of us reaching out!?

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