Irish Traditions, Crumbling with Time

Here’s an interesting article from the Irish Times by Brian O’Connell.  It’s all about how many people view and/or observe older traditions in Ireland.  It also expresses concern that, while some traditions remain or are being transformed, the newer generation is less interested in them.

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7 thoughts on “Irish Traditions, Crumbling with Time

  1. I just found out I’m scottish-Irish-Celtic. I thought I was just half Irish my whole life but my aunt found out more of our history. She gave me Druid magic, and a couple other books. She also said to look for the book Secret of Kells. I would be intrested in more information on these matters.

  2. I would definitely suggest reading some of the mythology, like The Tain and the Invasion Legends of Ireland. The Secret of Kells is actually an animated movie. It’s very good and is a nice common ground for families with Celtic-influcend Pagans and Christians in it. I highly recommend it for entertainment and artistic inspiration! If you’d like even more information (recommended reading, etc) check out the Druidic tradition I belong to – Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the suggestions on further readings. Yes I see that Secret of kells is a movie based on the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript which is in Ireland. Would love to read that book! I am checking out the ADF. Very intresting and look foreward to maybe joining in the future. Thank you!

    1. Since the Book of Kells is mostly Biblical text, I have read some of it just not as the Book of Kells! I would love to get a better look at the illustrations, though. They are so beautiful!

  4. It too is on my wish list for further readings. Not yet but I know M.T. has compiled alot of information in there. He also made a DVD for it. I think it is 10 hours long or so. I will order both eaither way!

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