Ritual Growth

I performed my solitary, weekly ritual last night.  It was invigorating.  I feel more and more competent with each working.  I feel my relationship with the Kindreds strengthening.  I feel the energy more strongly, especially when I open the gates.  I feel it most powerfully when I do this alone.  It’s never very dramatic in group rituals and I wonder if I would be able to share my own experience with others.  It’s become a very intimate, very witchy thing for me.

I’ve also been working more on the Magic 1 class for the Initiate Program.  I’ve been making more progress.  That first question was a doozy, and to actually start was difficult, but now that I’ve got some momentum, I expect to submit Magic 1 within a month or two.  I won’t make any promises, though.  I may be going back to college soon which will slow things down.

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