Grey Catsidhe’s 21 Days of Solstice Music!

I’m a little behind in posting Solstice music, and for that I apologize.  I’ve had a lot going on – namely preparing for a craft show and filling out a grad school application.  Enjoy a triple dose of Yuletide cheer!

Faith and the Muse – “A Winter Wassail.”  I adore this tune.  Solstice isn’t complete without it!
“The Holy and the Ivy” – a traditional holiday piece.

This song is one of the best examples of how Paganism influenced early Christianity.  Most people miss that it is as overtly Pagan as Christian, what with the rising sun and running deer imagery.  Not to mention that holy and ivy were very sacred plants to many of our ancient ancestors and have nothing to do with Christianity save the symbolism borrowed from earlier cultures.  I continue to love this song as it is common ground for my family and I to meet on.
Finally, a “Paganized” version of a Christmas hymn – “Gods Rest Ye Merry Pagans.” Somehow…  this just works.  I really like it.  đź™‚

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