When Magic Doesn’t Go as Planned

Sometimes magic doesn’t go as planned.  Sometimes we aren’t as specific or focused as we need to be.  Sometimes the spirits have other ideas.

Thus it went with me last night as I prayed to the Cailleach for such a blast of winter that travel would be impossible and people would have to cancel school.  I just wanted a day to myself…  Thanksgiving vacation was so rushed and busy with the traveling and socializing…  I enjoyed it immensely, but now I’m behind on housework, sewing, and my grad school application.  To top it off, there is some extra event after work hours that I must take part in.  I just wanted some me time…

And that’s what I got when I woke up this morning.  I am stuck here and unable to get to work.  Just me.  Nothing else was cancelled.  I was forced to  take some time off work until someone can help me reach my car which is stuck inside a frozen garage.  

I should have thought twice before praying to the cold Cailleach for assistance…  Then again, I got what I wanted… just not how I wanted it.  Now I am forced to miss some work and look like a helpless twit.  Such is magic.

Should I pray for help to come faster?  Nah…  At least I have some me time…

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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