Magical Efficacy

Check out this amazing blog post over at “Inciting a Riot.”  It’s all about the public’s misunderstanding about magic, and the Pagan community’s own relationship to magic – specifically why everyone isn’t doing it and why magic isn’t marketable.  It’s really some great food for thought.  I wish I had read this blog post ages ago when I first started to try and explain magic to my non-Pagan friends.  I always end up looking like a crazy person.  Since I grew tired of the “this chick is insane/stupid/gullible/going to Hell” look, I’m mostly in the “keep magic to myself and sacred” camp.  I sometimes post about it on my blog because, aside from the friends who are Pagan or are more accepting of my craziness, the blog is relatively anonymous.

Also, I must admit.  I do get a giddiness when I know more about magic than some people.  It’s kind of a horrible thing to admit, but when people don’t believe, I just feel like…  “Damn, you’re really missing out on something amazing. ”  They’re probably looking at me thinking, “Damn, she’s missing out on xyz.”  It’s funny how that works…

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