An Dagda Chant – By Grey Catsidhe

There’s been a lot of discussion about An Dagda on the lists lately.  Most of it has been about pronouncing his name.  All the same, I’ve really enjoyed the discussion.  An Dagda is my patron, which may surprise some people because he is, in many ways, a pervert.  Still, he has firmly become a huge part of my life and continues to remind me to have a sense of humor.

Anyway, I was driving home from dinner today and a chant entered my head.  I tweaked it a bit from its original wording, but I really like it and can’t stop singing it!

An Dagda is the Good God
An Dagda is the Good God
The laughing God
The lusty God
The God of plenty!

I sang it for my husband at home.  He isn’t sure about the final line.  While I’m open to suggestions, it sounds fine to me!  I’m not sure what I could change it to but I’m sure there could additions!

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