Artist Trading Cards and Temporary Foot Tattoos

As previously mentioned, The Artisan Guild in ADF has started making and exchanging artist trading cards.  It’s such a neat idea – I had to be in on it!  Here’s the card I made and sent to Dohle.

The lighting wasn’t the best when I took the photo (I should really get around to making a light box…) but you can see the important bits.  Dohle expressed a fondness for rowan trees and the Goddess Epona so I tried to put them together.  I usually don’t do much appliqué or embroidery so this was fun for me.  The edges were difficult…  I decided to go with a simple repeated zig-zag stitch but I worry that it wasn’t neat looking.  Next time I shall try something new.  That said, I’m very happy with how my first trading card turned out.

This is the card I received from Brighde.  She knew I adore my patroness Brighid, so she made a beautiful collage featuring the Goddess.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but above her are the words “Tonight the world is dark but your flame burns brightly.”  I want to find a frame for it and place it near my Brighid altar!

Finally, here’s something my husband did to me with a sharpie when I was fixated on something else.  It turned out pretty well for something drawn free-hand!  It’s turned me on to the idea of getting a small tattoo on my foot.  I already have a lovely triquetra on my back so I’m thinking about a triskelion. 

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