Winter is Coming

We turned the heat on today.  We’ve been putting it off for as long as possible.  We’re from northern NY – we have long, cold winters which result in expensive heating bills. Weretoad and I would rather bear the cold for as long as possible than pay more for heat.  If we didn’t fear damaged pipes or, more importantly, uncomfortable animal companions, we would have put it off longer.  Oh well.  Today was the day and now our home is toasty warm.  

It’s very chilly outside.  I’ve been waking up to frost and, apparently, there was a dusting of snow on the ground this morning.  The trees look more skeletal every day.  I want to visit the forest but hunting season makes me wary.  I would like to go up and make an offering tomorrow but stay close to the housing area.  Hunters can’t legally shoot so close to homes so I should theoretically be safe.  All the same, I occasionally see archers walking in and out of the forest.  It is that time of year – just as the ancient Celts culled their herds of cow, the modern hunters go into the woods to cull the wild herds.  It is not my calling in this life, though, so I simply stay out of the way.  

I wrote before that I brought most of my plants inside.  Others – mainly the beans – were left on the patio to go back to the Earth Mother. I didn’t have much success with them anyway.  They slowly wither away around the bright orange pumpkin.  

Winter is coming.  I can see and feel it in the air.  

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