Magic Missile!

D&D amuses me.  I adore the game and have so much fun playing it, especially with laid back people and a mixed beverage.  Great laughs, great times, and great creativity.  I play a sorceress and I’m enjoying her.  I did originally want to play a Druid but I stepped aside to allow my friend, who has never played before, to have a character she really wanted for her first experience.  I would like to play a Druid next time, that’s for sure. This campaign is the third time I’ve played with a Druid on the team.  Between D&D and WoW, it’s interesting to think about the pop culture Druid compared to the “real thing.”  The hyperboles in their character seem really outlandish until you consider the symbolism behind it all.  Then it’s really not so bad.  They are healers, warriors, and magicians – all very apt.

If I get the chance to play a Druid, I want to take the tree-hugger appeal to the extremes and go absolutely nuts when anyone does anything contrary to what is “natural.”  I don’t just want to get annoyed – I want to lose it.  I envision a psychopathic Druid who values Mother Earth to the point where she has separated humanity and technology from her, as if there was no connection.  She would be a complete and utter luddite.  I’m thinking true chaotic bordering on chaotic evil depending on the species in question.  Her goal would be to avenge Mother Nature.  She would be especially spiteful of humans and dwarves for their industriousness.  Really, her subconscious is seeking personal validation because she feels herself as a burden to the Great Mother.  In the end, it would be nice for her to develop into a more psychologically and spiritually balanced character.  Or not.  Who knows.

Perhaps she is my shadow self?

*I’m saying this with the various traditions and historical accounts in mind.  Yes I know there is some variability.

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