Play the drum and meditate on the deer – the doe – the hind.  See her in the woods.  She runs.  Follow through whipping branches and thorns.  Follow through ferns.  Follow until you trip over a large root and lay facedown in the moss and moist soil.  Call out to her and she comes, looking down on you with big brown eyes.  She looks into you…  She has been waiting.  She gives her name and you see her image fade a little.  You can almost see the image of a wild woman with long, untamed hair standing in her place.  You have seen her before.  She gives you a job to do and takes the apple you have brought her.  She fades into the woods like a woman backing away and a deer leaping through ferns.  You watch her vanish and suddenly wake up knowing what to do.

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Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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