Mmm…essential oils…

Today, Weretoad and I went to a craft show in Clayton sponsored by the Thousand Islands Art Center.  It was exquisite with high quality artisan crafts; probably the most diverse and interesting craft show I’ve ever seen – along with Utica’s Indie Garage Sale.  Weretoad bought me a stained glass triquetra.  I bought tea tree and fir essential oils and a foot scrubber from Harmony All Natural Soaps and Oils.  I’m running low on oils lately.  I like to use them as offerings to spirits and for certain magical workings.  I very nearly bought juniper berry oil as Northern Europeans burned juniper as incense and I’ve found it to be very effective in my rites.  I decided to go with fir needle instead because I recently made (and have been using) juniper smudge sticks and I’ve never had fir oil before.  I rather like it and think it will be excellent for working with local nature spirits.

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  1. Sounds like you picked some very nice scents! I try to go for a piney-scented candle in the winter for Yule, or something that smells like spices and reminds me of mulled cider. Right now I have a small bottle of lemongrass oil, which really is helpful when the cat makes a stinky in his litterbox đŸ˜› I also pour a few drops on a candle and light it after I'm done cleaning, as it helps to reinforce the fact that I've swept out all the old and negative things and intend to bring in clean air and positive energies. Plus it just smells nice ^^How are your homemade smudge sticks working? I can imagine they'd smell lovely, and must be a nice change of pace from white sage.

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