I wish I wish…

I had a wonderful experience in the forest earlier, and I will blog about that later – but for now I want to talk about something else.

For me, ADF satisfies three very important things – my desire to worship using reconstructionist models, my desire to be creative, and community.  I love these aspects of ADF and it’s why I feel at home there.

But there are times where I find myself wanting more…  And I guess when I say more, I mean more community in the here and now.  I wish the grove was closer and I wish we met more often than on high days.  I know this would be terribly demanding in reality, but there are times when I feel like I could really benefit from a more hands-on teacher.  I read about traditional witches with their apprentices or very close-knit CR groups that practice trance, divination, and other folk magic together.  I try to do these things on my own but I so often feel like I’m afloat in a great big sea.  I have had significant trance experiences, including moments where Gods or a spirit guide help me out, but they are rare.  Often it is only myself.  In some ways, I suppose this is empowering.  I can forge my own paths without bending to the will of an elder, but that’s very easy for a young whippersnapper like myself to rationalize.  I know I could gain much from an elder, but few seem spiritually/emotionally/physically available, especially when it comes to CR or CR oriented Druidism.

Anyway, these were just thoughts rolling around my head this afternoon.

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