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When I performed my oath rite as part of ADF’s Dedicant Program, I decided to wear a ring as a sign of my commitment to the Kindreds.  I found a lovely silver spiral ring and used that.  It weakened and broke.  I decided to replace it with a spiraly ring that had belonged to my mother.  I performed a ritual to renew my oath and transfer the energy from the first ring to the next.  Life goes on.

Today I discovered that the ring from my mother, my second oath ring, is starting to break.  This saddens me because it is doubly special.  I have decided to take it off in an effort to preserve it as I love having a trinket from my mum’s girlhood.

I am now seeking a more solid oath ring.

I like this “I am of Ireland” ring but I’m not sure if it’s the most appropriate.  I am very proud of my Irish heritage, but I’ve never even been there…  To say I am of it…  I don’t know…

I also like these Druidic triad rings but I can’t seem to choose just one and I’m not sure about wearing three rings at once.  Two on one finger seems like enough!  lol

In the end I’ll probably go with a nice spiral or Celtic knot.  It seems to be what I love most.

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  1. Fair enough. I know a few people that consider it to be their family oath ring, is all. Personally, I have my wedding band and a second, plain silver one that 'locks' it into place (we sized our rings during a heatwave, and since they are open celtic knotwork, sizing them is right out). I've sworn several oaths on the two of them together.Sunstrider aka Tumakhunter

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