Promises, Promises

When you make an oath, or even just a little promise, to the Kindreds, you’re obligated to keep it.  Maybe there won’t be any dire circumstances (I suppose it depends on the being you’re interacting with), but there will be less trust.  The more I spend time with nature, the more I get the sense that nature spirits hold promises very seriously with humans.  We’re constantly abusing them, even when we don’t mean to.  I’m no exception, what with my driving a car and continual (though decreased) use of plastics.  That said, I think when we make an effort to commune with the Nature Spirits – a genuine, honest-to-goodness effort that goes beyond an offering on high days – they really start to respond.  It might not be all at once, and it might not be so very obvious at first, but they are there witnessing your actions and your words.  They see when you make a promise and don’t keep it.  Again, this may not always have dire circumstances, but it weakens the trust they have in us.  If you are walking an earth-centered path especially, that trust is, in my opinion, essential.

Those are just the thoughts I had today after visiting the woods and keeping a promise I made the local spirits.

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3 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. ouch. you're right though… used to be when people knew they could depend on someone with a good reputation–there was trust there. I know I'm particularly bad about weaseling my way out of things… well, it's the small hurt now that saves you from bigger hurt later. Thanks for the wake-up call. Time to go offer up that stout that's been sitting in my fridge these past few weeks.

  2. I actually wasn't in a situation where trust had been broken! I nearly forgot and was getting ready to take a shower and settle in for the night. I decided it was smart to put on my hiking clothes and keep my promise. It was getting late but I knew that I had to. Yes! Do get out there with your offering! You'll feel better because of it. 🙂

  3. well, better late than never. Maybe that's the motto for these past few days… hm… In any case, I'm glad you posted this particular bit of blog when you did. Also happy to share nifty Pagan things with fellow nifty Pagans ^^ But seriously, I've been looking all over for some practical guide or the like on Seidhr, and then here's this blog about a group of women who actually have experience with it! Boggles my mind. (in a good way, of course)

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