Nature Walks and Staves

My cough hasn’t completely gone away, meaning I haven’t been able to meditate again.  I made up for it ten-fold by going into the forest for a long time by myself.  Something about the experience feels meditative in some way – very peaceful and clarifying.  There’s also an exhilaration born from excitement, personal triumph, and fear of the unknown.

I made offerings to the genius loci, talked to the plants and animals, and sat for a long time basking in the glow of the sun with a dragonfly.  I also found more fly agaric which I admired.

My purpose for going into the woods today, aside from the desire to commune with nature, was to find a suitable branch for a staff.  I found such a branch and, judging by the trees I found it near, it looks to be from a red or silver maple.  I need to make further observations before I’m sure which.  All the same, I think it will be a fine staff for practical and magical purposes.  I’ve already started to remove the bark.  I’m not sure what I’ll carve into it yet.  It’s something I’ll have to meditate on.

When I can meditate again.  :S

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