Just a Few Things

1) Here’s an interesting if brief article on “spiritual blockage.”

2) The incessant coughing I have is apparently caused by seasonal allergies – something that I’ve never officially been diagnosed with until now.  Bugger all.  I was always so happy to be in the minority of adults who didn’t have to deal with allergies.  Why do I suddenly have them?  Did I not spend enough time outside?  Now I have all these bills and a nasal spray…  Bugger all.  I’m happy that I should find relief but I’m displeased with yet another medicine.  I’m really motivated to get a neti pot and make my father’s infamous but effective tincture now.  I don’t want to be part of the drugged up majority…  As it is, I would love to get off birth control but am uncertain of the medical implications that would have on me (I was put on it for medical reasons to begin with).  Too much environmental damage from the packaging alone!

3) I found a toad-shaped button to represent my husband on the grove’s quilt patch.  For those out of the know, the Artisan Guild is encouraging all groves, proto-groves, guilds, SIGs, and Kins to create a quilt patch that will be added to a larger piece.  The point is to have something representative of ADF to display at festivals.  I found a cat button to represent me weeks ago.

4)  Tailtiu, the doll and main offering I’m making for the Lughnasadh ritual at Muin Mound tomorrow, is nearly done.  I’m finishing the details.  To be honest, I don’t think she’s the best doll I’ve ever made, but she’s also not the worst.  I’m not using any metal armatures because she will, I believe, but placed in the bonfire.  She’s stuffed with fabric scraps which gives a lot more weight.  This is what’s allowing her to sit properly without the armatures.  Her fingers, however, are not the same without them.  Also, her head is longer than most of the dolls I’ve made.  I’m not sure how that happened but oh well.  Expect photos at some point.

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