Time in the Garden

I did a lot of walking this weekend while away and unable to tend my garden, so I decided to stay close to home and pamper the domesticated plants today.  I’ll get back to the forest later this week.  I have two new additions to my garden – a lovely pineapple sage and a hanging basket of various herbs. I was unfamiliar with pineapple sage until today.  It looks like a small tree and is just the sort of plant I’ve been looking for.

I spent some time watering, trimming suckers, removing old growth, and collecting dried seeds.  I also rearranged everything so different plants have proximity to the marigolds.  It also refreshes the look of my patio.  I harvested a couple of tomatoes today.  I’ve got some beans that I plan to pick tomorrow and a cucumber nearly ready to come inside.  I need to remove the oak leaf lettuce and think about planting something else.  I also took an inventory of everything in my journal as a reference for next year.

I’ve found myself talking and singing to my plants a lot.  I want them to know how much I appreciate them, and I want to encourage them to keep growing and stay healthy.

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