More Meditation and its Validity

I think that meditating in the evening allows me to enjoy numerous advantages over doing the same in the daytime.  To start, it is cooler.  This is less distracting.  While I acknowledge that a practitioner of such arts should be able to meditate whenever, and that discomfort can lead to visceral trance experiences, I am still very much a novice (still…after seven years of on and off again practice…).  Another advantage is that most people have returned to their apartments.  The children are no longer playing in front of my ritual space.  The skateboarders have ollied their hearts out.  The neighbors upstairs have decided to quit attempting to be successful at Call of Duty and therefore quit screaming (very loudly) at animated adversaries.  In the evening, I’m better able to focus due to the quiet that settles over my neighborhood.

Today I did some drumming which helped to relax me.  It is occasionally distracting because I perceive my beat changing slightly, or the handle of the drum stick shifting.  Drumming while meditating is very new to me.  I want to continue practicing it but, at the same time, I think using an mp3 now and again will be just as useful*.  I also felt an ant on me again.  I really need to clean that room this week.  I don’t know what the ants are so interested in there but it probably has something to do with the remnants of plants housed there during the spring.  The ant wasn’t as distracting this time…but still…

Meditation went well for the most part.  I was better able to relax and experience a slight trance.  I say slight because some people have different definitions of trance and I occasionally falter as to what I believe…  Some say that a trance is all in the head.  Some say it’s both.  Others that it has to be completely “separate from the body” to be valid.  I’m mostly in the “both” category as I’ve experienced each to one degree or another.  They were vivid for me…  I suppose whether someone else proclaims them as valid or not is meaningless in the long run.  What do you think?

* I’m starting to consider myself a slight technopagan…  Slight!

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