Meditation Practice

I settled into my meditation corner after lighting a cone of incense and took some cleansing breaths followed by a two powers meditation.  It was difficult to focus, at first, because there was an ant crawling on me from time to time.  I decided to let it be an exercise on focus but, relative novice that I am, it was a challenge!

I opted not to use my drum today.  Weretoad had just got home from work and wanted to take a nap.  I wasn’t sure if my drumming would disturb him or not.  I tried to focus on my breathing and on the image of a triquetra.

Along with the ant, the heat made it difficult as well.  My ritual/art room has a wall of southern facing windows.  Even with the shades down, it stays quite warm.

In the end, I didn’t achieve trance but I was able to stay focused on the image of the triquetra for extended periods of time.  I also relaxed myself quite thoroughly.  When I came out of it (mostly because of the heat), I felt content and peaceful.  Trance or not, it is good for someone with a fiery personality to reach that state.

I think I may try again later when it’s cooler out.  I’m endeavoring to restrict my internet access and I think disciplining myself to meditate in the cooler part of the day will help me on both fronts!

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