Meditation Fail

So I was all ready to go.  I told my husband that I was going to meditate.  I had pillows against the wall for comfort and support.  The smoke of my incense was coiling to the ceiling.  I had my drum.  I was in the zone.  I felt my awareness fuzz and fade.  I let the drum fall and started to focus more on my breath…  Then I heard the scrape scrape scrape of a skateboarder who decided it was cool enough to practice some ollies nearby.  Sighing, I came back into awareness and started to drum again.  While I drummed I focused on the image of a triquetra, a symbol that has a lot of spiritual and personal significance to me.  Again, I felt my awareness start to shift.  I felt just about to fall somewhere when I heard my husband say my name.

I gave up.  He didn’t mean to be disruptive.  I guess I had been in there for awhile and he wasn’t sure if I was done.  He says I should make a sign.  I say he should make me a sign or just not bother me until I come out.  I was grumpy for a bit but decided to let it go.  Watched the first episode of an anime about high schoolers and zombies complete with horrifically humorous fan-service.

There’s always tomorrow for more meditation!

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Fail

  1. There was no way for me to know if you had been decapitated or something in that room all alone. I had to check on you!

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