Summer Fun in the Alex Bay Sun

Weretoad and I had another fabulous day in Alexandria Bay!  For those of you outside of NY, it was really hot today.  I’ve been begging to go swimming for the past few days but something always came up.  We were going to go on the 4th as we went to A Bay then, but we ended up finding a really great place to view the fireworks and had to defend it for a few hours.  I put my feet in but the swimming had to wait until today.  Gods, it was refreshing.  The beach is small but very clean and sandy.  The water is green on account of all the seaweed in the St. Lawrence, but it is fine otherwise.  I smell a bit like fish but I can live with that.

We’ve grown to really appreciate our new home.  Yes we miss our friends and family and yes the mile after mile of flat fields is a bit underwhelming for us, but there are some great perks to Northern NY.  Our proximity to Alexandria Bay is a very big one.  Yes it’s a tad touristy, but if you can overlook that and just spend time in the parks overlooking the islands amidst the swaying, sparkling river… it starts to feel a bit like paradise.

Weretoad and I like to watch the boats and dream of a time when we can have our own.  Right now we really want kayaks.  My plan was to buy one this year but that fell through.  Perhaps in the fall when I have a little more money.  There are a few rivers up here: the St. Lawrence, the Black River, and the Indian River.  There may even be more.  I would like to explore them – physically and spiritually.  What did the Native American people believe about them?  What experiences did they and the settlers have with them?  What spirits, old and new, swim in them today?  What about the shipwrecks?  Is there negative energy around them?

Oh goodness, that’s another thing – I would love to go scuba diving in the St. Lawrence, but I also fear it.  Weretoad and I have this love-hate relationship with large bodies of water.  We like to swim in them, but we also fear the unknown.  I know there aren’t supposed to be any sharks or poisonous jelly fish in the St. Lawrence … but what if there are sea monsters?  Or angry shipwreck ghosts?!  When we watch the boats, we sometimes wonder what would happen if a kraken appeared…  Yes, I know.  We’re odd.

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