Mushrooms in my Garden

I’ve got a few tiny mushrooms in my garden.  According to everything we’ve been reading, the veggies are safe and the mushrooms can indicate good soil and benefit the plants.  The shrooms themselves are not edible but the plants will not be contaminated.  We think they’re conocybe albipes.  Pretty neat!

In other news, my interest in herbalism has been resurrected.  I’ve been attempting to study it more.  I want to learn more about how the Celts thought about and interacted with certain plants.  I’m looking for good source material.  I’ve been meaning to read Carmina Gadelica and I know there will be some in that.  But what else?  I read a really great essay by Erynn Rowan Laurie called “Goddess of the Growing Green: Airmid of Ireland.”  It really inspired me.  While at Alex Bay, I found a piece of driftwood and I’m thinking of using it to create an image of Airmid for a garden shrine.  I already made a doll of Airmid, but she isn’t suited to the outdoors.

This is an incomplete photo…  Her shroud has more color now.  😀

How many of you are involved in herbalism?  Any tips or resources you can recommend?

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3 thoughts on “Mushrooms in my Garden

  1. Sounds really interesting! I'd love to read some of the old texts, but really, my interest is more in the practical/medicinal these days. Plantain for bug bites and stuff like that. If you're interested in medicinal stuff, Matthew Wood has reconstructed a western herbal tradition that I want to learn more about. If you're more interested in magical uses, you have to check out the blog The Witch of Forest Grove. She's very interesting! I would love it if you shared some of what you learn here, herbalism always interests me!

  2. Thanks! Honestly, I'm interested in both the magical and the practical uses. I would love to learn how to make salves, tinctures, and such. Thanks for your recommendations!

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