Most Recent Arts and Crafts

So here’s what I did all week:

I did not make these from scratch.  These are altered.  Both were dresses.  The top was a dress that was a liiiiittle too short for my taste/comfort.  I shortened it and now have a dressy short-sleeved top.  I may shorten it some more…  I’m not sure how I feel about the length…  The skirt is also a former dress.  Of sorts.  I say that because it was a really wonky … part dress and part apron … thing.  I couldn’t have worn it without a top under it unless I wanted my breasts peeking out every three seconds.  I didn’t like how it looked with a top under it.  Too… Mennonite for me.  Snip snip snip, and voila!  A cute skirt. 
This is a needle book I made.  Inside are a wide assortment of implements that could be used to sew a hem or an open wound.  You can’t see it well, but this project finally allowed me to use the cute sewing machine and scissor buttons my husband gave me for Yule.  This project was great for using up some small scraps, is very practical (my needles are much safer in there than in a pin cushion), and was easy to make.  I like easy projects; they give me something brainless to do while I watch things on the internet.  
Behold the beautiful purple nude doll!  I’m so proud of the torso!  This is the best female form I’ve ever made!  So I’m no Lisa Lichtenfels – but I’m still pretty darn proud and am so grateful to Brighid for inspiring me to continually experiment and improve.  My plan is for this doll to become a grape fairy.  I’ve done a sketch for the outfit and now need to make it a reality. 
Finally, here is my very first skein of hand-spun yarn!  It’s a natural grey and has some lumpy areas – but I’m super proud of it!  
Next on the crafting agenda: 
  • An outfit for the grape fairy
  • A Tailtu doll
  • Bring in another altered dress
  • Finish another pair of socks
  • Begin Yule presents 
  • Renaissance Fair accessories

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  1. Yay crafts! I especially like the nude doll..heehee. Seems more anatomically correct than Barbie. 😛

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