I visited a local greenhouse and procured some new additions for my garden.  I bought some spinach seeds as well as a habanero pepper plant, some kale, and salvia.  The later adds some lovely purple to my garden and should be welcomed by the many butterflies that flit around.  (I saw a yellow swallowtail an hour or so ago…) I also bought some more bird seed.  The cats and I love watching our winged neighbors as they visit the patio.  There’s a pair of gold finches who are my favorites.

The garden looks amazing right now.  I would’t mind getting/planning some more.  I may try more beans since the first batch seem to be getting tired.  I can’t wait until we have our own land and we can have a larger garden of raised beds and fruit trees.  *sigh*  Someday…

It is such a lovely day.   I hope the rest of you are out enjoying it as much as I’ve been!

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