A Day in the Adirondacks

My husband and I, rather spontaneously, decided to visit The Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY.  It was the second time we’ve been and was just as fun as the last time!  There were a few new additions, such as an impressive, stuffed moose in the great hall, a farmers market (open only on Thursdays), and a dry area for the otters to play in.  Ah, the otters.  They really are one of the best parts!  I also enjoyed rummaging around the naturalist cabinets.  As you can see in the photo at left, I’m holding a raven skull.  Not pictured is the crow skull.  It’s amazing to see the difference in size!

We took a walk around the pond but decided not to visit the other, longer nature trails.  Unfortunately we dressed for warm weather and it was a bit chilly at times.  We went to the farmers market on sight, though, and that was nicely sheltered from the wind.  There were a lot of artisans there and I received a lesson in spinning yarn with a drop spindle which I bought, along with half a pound of roving.  I’ve already spun my first small skein!  It was a tad frustrating at first, but I think I’m getting the hang of it!  I cannot wait to order more roving!  In the meantime, my first skein is setting in the craft room.  What should I do with it?

After our adventures in Tupper Lake, we made the short drive to Saranac Lake.  I hadn’t been there in a couple years and I really missed it.  There was a time when I really wanted to live there.  I won’t lie and say I wouldn’t consider the opportunity, but the winters must be horrific with all the steep, hilly streets, and we would be even further away from my tribe in the Mohawk Valley.  It’s still a favorite place to visit.  I would have liked to stay longer and swim or kayak in one of the lakes, but it was late so we made do with browsing the boutiques and eating dinner.  We found an amazing shop specializing in eco couture.  I only ever see fashionable eco clothing online.  Everything sold in health food stores is always really, really casual and not work appropriate.  I can’t wait to visit again with a good paycheck in my pocket!  We ate at Nori’s Village Market which is Saranac Lake’s health food store and cafe.  We had vegan borritos, soup, and ice cream sandwiches.  Mmmm…  
Following that, we decided to drive to Lake Placid, NY.  It’s a very busy, very popular Adirondack destination.  We just drove through.  There are some new shops and restaurants since the last time I was there.  Sadly, the old used bookstore is now gone…  The trip was worth it to see some of the high peaks in the distance.  Weretoad and I have this fantasy of climbing them all one day.  Considering how much mountain climbing and camping we’ve done, we’re not well on our way to meeting that goal…  
The day was wonderful.  It felt great to be back in the Adirondacks, even if we weren’t as “outdoorsy” as either of us would have liked.  We’re already conspiring to go back for swimming, kayaking, and hiking.  Another perk to living in Northern NY – we are SO much closer to the heart and the majesty of the Adirondacks!  

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