The Joy of Gardening

I know that I keep bubbling about this, but gardening makes me so, so happy.  Something about the success of caring for a living creature, the production of my own food, and the intimate relationship with nature that it fosters…  I always find something new and exciting in my garden.  Sometimes I find things that are disturbing, like a Japanese beetle.

Toads have been burrowing hiding holes in some of my larger pots.  I don’t mind at all.  They’re making them in corners and so I don’t think they’re upsetting the roots.  They are probably eating some pesky bugs while they’re there.

Today I found baby tomatoes!  Let me explain why this is so exceptional.  I had a container garden last year when I lived in Whitesboro.  When Weretoad and I prepared to move up north, we had to get rid of a lot of stuff but I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of a little tomato plant.  It never prospered the same way the others did.  It never even produced fruit last year.  All the same, I valued it as a living creature and brought it up to my new home to give it a chance.  I decided that, even if it never blossomed and just continued to grow as a green plant, the smell was heartening to me in the winter.  I kept it on the kitchen window with the chives and catnip.  It grew and grew and grew…  I had to tie it in place eventually.  When late spring came, I transplanted it into a larger pot and snaked it around some bamboo poles.  A couple weeks ago I spotted little yellow flowers.  “That’s it!” I mentally told it.  “You’re finally doing it!”  Today I spied wee little tomatoes!  How exciting!  I knew it had the potential!

To me, Gardening is so Druidic!

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