Keeping My Oath

Some of you may remember that I made an oath a few weeks ago in which I promised the Kindreds (and myself) that I would honor them with a formal ADF ritual every week.  I did this week’s ritual just a little while ago.  Although it wasn’t anything groundbreaking, I did feel more confident.  Brighid put some honey on my tongue or something.  I still tend to forget one bit of the COoR and then fit it in right away before the end.  It makes me feel a bit stupid but the Gods never seem offended.  Just doing ritual makes me feel closer to them and, each time I perform a rite, I improve.

Before my ritual I took a shower and did my best to focus on grounding and removing any negative thoughts.  I’ve found that ritual gestures are very important to me, if only to put me in the proper mindset for magic or ritual*.  In the shower I put my head under the water and then lowered my hands across my body until my fingers went into the water.  I visualized/felt the negative energy of the day flow out and down the drain.  Very effective for me!

* I recently read in Real Magic by Bonewits that tantric traditions refer to ritual gestures as mudra.  

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