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Four or five years ago, when I was feeling my way through Wicca and eclectic Paganism, I was feeling “chant envy.”  Several of my Pagan friends knew more chants than me.  They could all spontaneously break out in chant and everyone knew the words…  I felt left out so I went on a chant hunt and found some classics as well as some things that I don’t often hear people use.

One of them went like this (more or less):

The Earth she is singing
Oh ma ma ma
The Earth she is laughing
Oh ma ma ma
The Earth she is dancing
Oh ma ma ma
The Earth is our mother
Oh ma ma ma 

Oh ma ma ma hey oh ma ma ma
Oh ma ma ma hey oh ma ma ma

I fell in love with it and was lucky enough to find an mp3 of it.  It’s one of my favorites and I often sing it around the house.

Almost a year ago, some of my grovies came back from a festival where they had learned it and it was incorporated into our rituals when we honor the Earth Mother.  I was really surprised but delighted all the same. The only problem was/is…  people don’t really know it.  Last week, during Summer Solstice, there was an embarrassing moment when we started the chant and the bard didn’t know it and everyone was mixed up.  I was singing the version I learned, but even before the ritual there was a minor dispute between the grove organizer and the senior Druid as to what the actual order of the lyrics were.  It pains me to admit it, but it sounded horrible and the energy just wasn’t there for me during that part of the rite…

I was searching around for the lyrics or even the mp3 I used to have but I can’t find it anywhere!  Can anyone help?  My grove likes to sing and dance to it but we really need to be on the same page.  It’s one of my most favorite chants and it’s really embarrassing when the grove flounders so…


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  1. Yeah, we love that one too. We sang it as our processional at solstice and it was really lovely. None of us are great singers, and the position of bard is pretty open, but we muddle along. Mostly it really helps us to practice the music beforehand in the pre ritual briefing. Sometimes we have our flops. It took us about 6 months to stop sounding like caterwauling felines every time we sang!

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