Show and Tell

Catnip in a crocheted hanging basket.
Some of my cucumbers (they’re finally flowering!), a tigerella tomato plant, and a fox to guard them!

A gnome stands guard amidst the oakleaf lettuce and dill.  Below are marigolds and lemongrass.  
A sunny wind chime adds to the relaxing atmosphere that is my patio garden.  Hanging next to it from a barely visible hook are a strawberry plant and a bird feeder.
Obviously, our cats love the bird feeder.
So those are some of the things in my garden.  There are more, like my other herbs, including chives in another crocheted hanging basket.  I also have several small tomato plants waiting inside as well as some eggplant seedlings that need to go out.  First I need a few more pots and some soil.  I lost my carrots but… live and learn, right?  I can’t wait until I have actual land and can have a much bigger garden! 
I crocheted some socks!  They fit really well.  I have some issues to figure out as I make the next pair (already in progress) such as the spacing around the toes.  I want to get thinner yarn and a smaller hook because these, while perfect for boots, cannot be worn comfortably (or fashionably) with dress shoes at work.  As I said, the spacing between some stitches needs work, but they are some of the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn.  They breathe!  

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2 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Okay, at the risk of sounding dumb, can you actually grow that catnip plant in the crochet basket? That's pretty awesome!

  2. Not dumb at all! You totally could. People can grow a lot of things in bags. I've seen several articles/blog posts about people who grew veggies in reusable shopping bags! Like any container gardens, they require frequent watering. The catnip was actually started in a little peat pot. When I made the hanging basket, I realized that 1) it was just the right size and 2) the pot was falling apart and it was time for a replacement! So it all worked out. šŸ™‚

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