Supernatural Creature

So you may remember the post I made about aliens and ghosts.  Well last night my husband and I watched a fascinating documentary about zombies, their folklore, and film history.  Obviously I’m on a “supernatural creature” kick.

What are your favorite supernatural creatures?  Zombies?  Werewolves?  Ghosts?  Vampires?  Something else?  

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2 thoughts on “Supernatural Creature

  1. obligatory sentence about how very, very sick of zombies and vampires I am right now…ugh. anyway. There's this really cool critter from Greek/Roman mythology that no one's ever heard of that I can tell. It's a stag with wings and fangs, and it's some sort of vengeful spirit that has to eat one human before they can rest.

  2. Oooh! Now this is part of why I started this thread – I always hope to learn something new. Vampires… Yes, there is something of a fad right now. The whole "sparkly" Vampire thing is not very interesting to me. Zombies are much less annoying, personally, but my only real exposure to them is through film, video games, and graphic novels. I've never been to a zombie walk so I've never dealt with hordes of zombie fans.

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