Of Visits, Traveling Altars, and Color

I’m back from a lovely weekend in the Mohawk Valley.  I was able to visit my family and some friends who graciously invited me over for tea.

I stayed true to my oath (vow?  Perhaps I should have gone to Seamus’ workshop at Wellspring…) and performed a full ritual this week.  Because I was away from my altar I used my traveling altar.  I had been using the little dishes some tea lights came in as offering bowls.  When the candles were used, I decorated them with different designs.  I offered some oil Friday evening as part of my ritual.  Actually, that was pretty much all I had to offer because I can’t fit much in the little box that is my traveling altar.  I left the oil in the dish over night and it seems to have weakened the plastic.  I’ll have to rethink this…

In other news, I tweaked the color of the links.  It should look better!

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