New Look!

Woah…  Blogger added a million more template and background options…  I like it!  Behold the new and improved “Ditzy Druid!”  I liked the image of the path through the woods.  The symbolism should be fairly obvious, but I also chose it because I love being in the woods.  I don’t spend enough time there, but when I do I feel more at peace.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Nice choice! ^^although the light green text in the sidebar is kind of hard to read, might want to make it a darker shade or something that contrasts better. For a long time a part of me has felt that if only I could run free in the woods, I would truly find myself. Being totally cut off from human society and buildings and expectations, and let me figure out what it is just to survive. then the rest of me says "1. that would be really, really hard 2. it's so comfy to be inside all the time/easier to be lazy and 3. what about your friends, family, and commitments?" Do you think you could spend time away from everything civilized?

  2. Yeah, I have to tweak the colors… And no, I couldn't only live in the woods. I like a balance of rural and urban. I love museums and indie coffee shops just as much as I love the peaceful chaos of the forest.

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