Thinking About Storms

The sky is overcast and it’s a little windy out.  It rained earlier.  I wish it would storm.  I haven’t experienced a good storm in I don’t know how long.  You know?  The loud kind that causes lights to go out and everyone gathers in one room to cuddle in blankets while listening to the majesty of nature?  I’d love one of those…

Now if it were to happen tonight, I would like my husband to be home from work so I can cuddle with him under a blanket.

I love storms but I don’t feel like I have any real connection to storm spirits or Gods*.  At least not in my hearth culture.  Whenever I hear thunder, my thoughts first turn to Thor – not to Taranis.  I don’t feel any pull to the Gaulish deities, actually.  My husband has this “thing” with Thor.  I say it like that because he doesn’t worship him or necessarily consider him real**.  To Weretoad, Thor is an entity (mythical, fictional, or real) to be admired.  He bonds with him through comics like Marvel’s “Thor” or Eric Evensen’s “Gods of Asgard***.”  My husband thinks Thor is “cool” but in a distant way and I so dig it.

Weretoad is agnostic but we actually have more spiritually in common than most think.  For example, I’m pretty agnostic about some things – like the afterlife – and we are both animistic to some degree (although he doesn’t label himself as such).  Needless to say, my agnostic, semi-animistic Thor fanboy gets along quite well with myself and other ADFers most of the time.

There was a time I worried about our religious differences.  I wish I could go back and whisper in my younger self’s ear about how compatible we really are, how we’re happily married, and how I can’t wait for a thunderstorm so that the two of us can cuddle up and think about the amazing Thor throwing Mjöllnir around****.

*Really, my life is more consumed in art and study, so the patrons I have are very fitting!  I’m not complaining at all. 🙂

**Nor does he consider him unreal.

*** “Gods of Asgard” is very good.  I’m not as well-read on Norse mythology, but from what I know it seems in tune with the lore.

**** We both grinned giddily when Mjöllnir appeared after the credits ran for Ironman 2.  😛

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2 thoughts on “Thinking About Storms

  1. We just had a short but mighty storm that came through this afternoon. It was my oldest daughter's first day of summer vacation and she went to the back door and shouted "Thank you Thunderer! Thank you!" Then walked past me into the living room. When I asked her what she was thanking him for she said because he brings the rain, and the plants need the rain. I love that kid.

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