Gardening, Vigils, and Life Lessons

My sweet peppers have been eaten by something.  This makes me sad.  I shouldn’t have put them out without a milk jug over them…  They were so little…  Everything else seems to be doing ok.  My hot peppers have flowers!  

 I was reading up on the vigil/welcoming ceremony Muin Mound does for people becoming a Folk of the Grove. I’m going to undergo the ritual in a couple weeks.  I’m really excited but also a little nervous about staying up all night!  I won’t be alone.  My grovie Candee will be going through it as well!

Today I also sent an apologetic email to someone.  I was bothered by something and felt guilty so I wanted to get it off my chest and be honest.  I hope I did the right thing and that I didn’t make things worse.  I did an ogham and animal deck reading shortly after because I was nervous about doing it.  The Kindreds seem to be telling me that it was a necessary step in the right direction and that it will mark a new beginning.  I’m hoping it means I will be closer to that person and think more carefully about what I say and do in the future.    

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