Contemplating Excellence and the Stress ADFers Put Themselves Under to Get There

I just sent my Art Muse essay in.  I’m hopeful that it’s okay but I’m always prepared to make revisions.  I know a lot of people in ADF get uptight about that, but I guess I got so used to having to do it in college (I was an English major) that I know it’s just part of the writing process.  Nobody is perfect and it often takes another set of eyes to help us find the areas that need tweaking.  Sometimes it’s grammatical and sometimes it’s content-related.

“Why not excellence?” is a wonderful motto, but I think sometimes people lose sight of the necessary journey to get there.  Rarely is someone or something “excellent” in one go.  I can understand the feelings of frustration and despair when something you’ve worked hard on is ripped apart and you thought you had it all right to begin with.  I’ve been there.  I’ve also survived it and am better of for it.  I don’t condone professors/tutors/reviewers/editors who belittle a writer – but I also think that people need to realize that writing essays is a process.  Having to revise is not equal to failure – it’s just a necessary detour to your growth.

Whenever my essay is officially accepted, I’ll be sure to add it to my website and post a link to it here.  🙂

Now…  Off to continue working on Magic 1!

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