My 21 Lessons of Wellspring

Emerald, our Bard Laureate of ADF, posted her “21 Lessons of Wellspring” on Facebook and I thought it was a lovely idea!  Here are my own.  Enjoy!

1) Next year, pack less clothing.  It’s not like I really need to wear it there anyway…
2) Sarongs are the BEST item of clothing ever invented.
3) Regardless of whether or not sun screen causes cancer, I need something on me or else I will burn burn burn!
4) Hanging out with naked people is actually not awkward at all!
5) People in ADF are some of the nicest, most hospitable people ever.
6) Drumming makes rituals more exciting!
7) Dancing barefoot in sand is a great way to exfoliate your feet.
8) Stoicism is basically common sense but talking about it really puts things into perspective.
9) Use your diaphragm!
10) There are a LOT of vegetarians in ADF!
11) People with a cane and a leg brace are still capable of dancing!
12) Skip can dance!  I’ve seen it with my own eyes!
13) It’s actually a lot of fun to run back and forth between a freezing pool and a boiling hot tub!
14) Kirk does look pretty in a tiara.
15) Whenever I say “regalia” I have to look around and prepare myself for a spanking.
16) Vegan marshmallows make people really uncomfortable.
17) 6’5″ men in nothing but leopard print sarongs and purple fairy wings make people even more uncomfortable.
18) Druid Sticks looks really scary.
19) I do believe in reikie!  I do!  I do!
20) There is a boy Grey!
21) Pack less clothing but bring more blankets!

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