"Ditzy Druid?" Why the Name Change?

Hello readers!  I’m back, safe and sound, from my wonderful weekend at Wellspring.  I’ll post more about that later. I have a lot to share! πŸ™‚

Right now I wanted to explain the name change.  When I first started this blog, it was called “Grey Catsidhe’s Den.”  This was really a place holder until I could find something better.   When I moved to Northern NY, “North Country Pagan” seemed okay for a time.  Indeed, I was once considering making Pagan culture in the North Country (or lack thereof) the focus of this blog.  However, things did not turn out that way.  This quickly became a place for my personal progress, reflections, and rantings.  It became more general.  I wanted a better title but I couldn’t think of one.

At Wellspring, the annual ADF Druid festival hosted by Stone Creed Grove at the Brushwood Folklore Center, I had the pleasure of seeing old friends and meeting people I’ve only ever known online.  I was full of emotions – insecurity, excitement, joy, and shyness.  I found myself occasionally saying things that, upon later reflection, seemed really goofy.  Most were because of excitement and/or sleep deprivation.  I lamented to my husband, let’s just call him Weretoad, that am so ditzy.

Now my husband has often told me that I’m ditzy.  This isn’t really insulting because he also tells me I’m quite smart – and I know I’m smart in some ways.  I have a college degree, have completed my DP, am very self-motivated, and love to learn.  All the same, I say and do goofy things that make me look, well, ditzy!  Can a Druid, an icon of intelligence and eloquence, also be ditzy? This blog will help me explore my own faults, growth, and the fun I have along the way.

“But Grey!” you cry, “By calling yourself a ‘ditzy Druid,’ you’ll be giving yourself a label that will possibly stick!  Is it really okay to be so self depreciating?”  I asked Weretoad what he thought on the way home, before I made the change.  I explained to him my concerns but he thought the title was perfect.    Really, it is.  I am a ditzy Druid – a mixture of eccentric silliness and child-like whimsy with serious respect and study.  Perhaps, by accepting this aspect of my personality, my insecurity will improve.

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  1. Soo, you actually inspired me to really think hard about the name change. You have an excellent title and it really gives your blog personality! Thanks for the compliment. πŸ™‚

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